Text Studies

The cornerstone of any good English program is one that challenges students to analyse, interpret and understand a wide variety of texts. Thankfully many schools have moved with the times and incorporated more modern texts into their curriculums. Typically textual studies require a student to read a text and respond in some way. This may be a writing task or an oral presentation, for example.

Interpreting The Words

There are many forms of what constitutes a text and this may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Novel/Book
  • Play
  • Poetry
  • Movie/Film
  • TV Show
  • Song/Music
  • Advertising
  • Media - Newspapers/Magazine/Radio


Below is an explanation of these and some insight into the type of tasks a student may be asked to do.


Book Review Novel

Novel studies may be around anything from a 19th Century book to a modern Australian story. Schools now realise students will not read big, thick books, so they are choosing more relevant material to study. There is a requirement in some education systems to study Australian content also. Response to novel tasks are nearly always written, such as expositions or argumentative essays.



Like it or not, Shakespeare will be the writer of choice for most schools in this genre. This is a good thing because there is a wide variety of resources out there to help students understand his writing. Students normally have to produce a written response, such as an exposition or deliver a speech.



Probably the hardest genre for students to get their heads around. Poetry can come from any era and takes many forms. The hardest task is when students are required to write their own poetry.


Movie/TV Show/Song

An increasingly popular format to study as schools realise students will engage more with this type of text. Tasks either take the form of an oral presentation or a creative piece, such as continuing the story.



In response to a call from society for students to develop their critical media literacy, schools are incorporating more media studies into their English programs. This blurs the lines somewhat between traditional and modern English, but can be seen as beneficial for future generations.


Contact Queensland Tutors for help with any of the texts described here. There is a range of incorrect information on the internet about many texts. Don’t get caught out – call the professionals