What Our Clients Think

At Queensland Tutors, we are education professionals. We are trained, experienced teachers, who have made a life commitment to educating children. Education is not a means to an end for us. It is the sole purpose of our professional lives. We believe the next generation deserves no less.

We understand that there are people out there who will offer you tutoring for a whole lot less than our prices. We are different though. We are not students who are trying to pay for our education. Neither are we unqualified people who think tutoring is a place for meddling; a place to make some easy money.


Parents also place similar value on their child's education and therefore we suggest you look for references and qualifications before you look for price. Too often we have dealt with disillusioned parents who have wasted money on "University Student" style tutoring only to see their child regress rather than improve.


Here is what some of our clients are saying about our service:


“I cannot understand why anyone would shop on price, when it comes to their child’s education.”

 Damian Papworth (father of Grace)

Gold Coast Surfboards


“Seriously these guys got me through Year 12 last year. Given all my other responsibilities at school, I just needed that extra help.”
David - School Captain 2009
Gold Coast Independent School


“The service that Queensland Tutors offers is unique to the Gold Coast. I tried other tutors but none had the experience and dedication to really help my son.”

Jane - Mother of Grade 6 student – Gold Coast