Science Tutoring Services Offered

Science has always been a popular subject with school students and is a pre-requisite for many University courses.

There is an increasing focus on the Sciences as they gain profile in the community. In addition, the problem solving capacity, which students develop from studying Science, benefits them across a wide range of career options.


Whether for Physics, Biology or Chemistry, we help students understand the concepts, develop scientific processes and apply these in their assignment work.


Students usually require tutoring in three areas of Science: class work, exam preparation and assignments.


Many students don’t understand the practical lessons in Science. We spend time with the students that the teachers are unable to, offering explanations in a method relevant to the individual student.


Exams can be quite a stressful time in a student’s life – but with the right preparation anxiety can be minimised. We help students revise topics in a way that leads to better performance.


Writing up “pracs” is always tough for many students and we can provide help in this area also.


For Maths and/or Science tutoring, please contact

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