Do You Fear Oral Presentations?

A survey was conducted once where respondents were asked what they feared most in life. Number two on the list turned out to be death! Guess what was number one? That’s right – speaking in public. Can you believe that people fear speaking in front of others more than dying?

Speaking In Public Is A Life Skill

Public SpeakingPublic speaking. Oral presentation. Debating. Giving a speech. Call it what you like, but it is a very daunting prospect for most school students too.


Quite simply the reason speaking in front of others is difficult for a student is because they have never been taught how to do it properly. At Queensland Tutors we teach the basics of good public speaking and give students the skills that can be applied to any assessment task. Not only that, we give children a skill they can use in life.


Students don’t know it but they have been learning how to talk in front of others their entire school life. Remember show and tell in primary school? That was a form of public speaking no different to the speech a student has to do in Year 7 or Year 10. Why is it so much harder to do when the student is older? Well obviously the social aspects of life play a large part and the importance of not embarrassing oneself is much higher.  


Oral presentations are a fact of life for secondary students and they are not going away. In fact many schools are building more into their assessment than ever before. Why? Well it is a very time efficient way for a teacher to get one assessment out of the way for the term and give the student some practice with an important life skill at the same time. Some schools on the Gold Coast have a 10 minute oral presentation in Year 12 English and it is captured on video!!!  


A good oral presentation starts with a plan. It is not just a matter of writing a speech and then getting up in front of the class and talking. In fact that is the best way to fail. A good speech should first be written out in full and then transferred to cue cards, containing small reminder notes, for the actual presentation. Sometimes the written word doesn’t sound as good when spoken aloud and therefore a speech should also be rehearsed to make sure it flows correctly. Finally and very importantly, a speech should be structured like an essay with an introduction, a body and a conclusion.


To improve your oral presentation skills and become a more confident public speaker, contact Queensland Tutors today and we will take you through the 10 steps to better oral presentations.