Maths Tutoring Services Offered

Many students cringe at the thought of Mathematics, but it doesn’t need to be that way.


Maths is typically quite a misunderstood subject. It is often seen as boring, scary or irrelevant. However, skills in Maths are highly sought-after in the workplace, often required for University and useful for every-day life.

Our friendly tutors explain Maths in a relevant and easy to understand way. Our tutoring services cover the following areas:


  • Maths A – very applicable real-world Maths
  • Maths B – mid-level Maths useful for developing thought processes; required for many Uni courses
  • Maths C – advanced Maths subject with strong focus on problem solving; excellent for broadening students’ analytical skills

Students require help with maths in three areas - class work, exam preparation and assignments.


Some students get lost in class when it comes to maths. We spend time with the students that the teachers are unable to, offering explanations in a method relevant to the individual student.


We guide the students through revision of key topics and help them to build confidence as they work through practise problems in preparation for exams.


We also provide help with assignments; discussing the requirements with the student and helping them develop a clear picture of the teacher’s expectations. Following that we assist the students to clarify a strategy for working through the assignment and provide guidance where necessary on the particular methods involved.


For Maths tutoring, please contact

Rob Stewart

Mobile – 0400 978 215

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