Preparing For Exams

Queensland tutoring It still amazes me that many students do not prepare properly for exams. Whether we like it or not, the education system will continue to assess students under exam conditions. For many students the thought of attempting exams is very nerve-wracking. However, this anxiety can be overcome by following a simple approach to exam preparation.

Defining A Whole Year Of Study

Below are some exam preparation tips according to Queensland Tutors:

  1. Don’t leave it to the night before. Cramming doesn’t work if you want a quality result, especially if you are writing a long written response, like in an English exam. The night before an exam is just revising what you already know - not learning it for the first time.
  2. Make notes throughout the term. Keep summaries.
  3. Mark your textbook - highlight it if you can.
  4. Get hold of past exam papers to see what sort of questions you may be asked.
  5. Don’t interrupt your regular routine leading up to exams. That includes sleeping, eating and maintaining interests.
  6. Plan your study time for each subject. Be realistic about how much you can study each day.
  7. Have a quiet, comfortable study area that is free from distractions like family, pets and television.
  8. On the day, arrive early, read the whole paper first and make sure you leave enough time to go back over your answers at the end.

If you would like help in constructing a study timetable or writing summaries, contact Queensland Tutors. We also have a wide variety of past exam papers and QCS Test practice materials. There are many types of questions on exams that we can help you prepare for, such as:

  • multiple choice
  • short answer
  • extended response
  • essay response
  • open book.


Learn from the professionals how to study effectively and manage exam anxiety. Don’t leave it too late!