Assignment Proofreading

As an English teacher my criteria for marking an assignment is roughly the same each time – technical (does it answer the question?), structural (is it appropriately set out?) and grammatical (spelling, punctuation, word usage etc.).

"Did You Edit Your Assignment"

Essay Editing

In some cases, believe it or not, a student has the opportunity to improve their mark despite what they write. That’s right – a better mark can be achieved by following some simple rules that have nothing to do with the actual content of the piece. Every teacher will tell students to edit their work before they hand it in, but I have lost count of the times I have written on a student’s work “did you edit this?”


Time is short and as a teacher you are looking for errors that bring the total quality of the assignment down. That is poor spelling, grammar and punctuation - anything that causes you to stop reading and circle something. The less you have to stop reading due to an error, the more the paper flows and the better it reads. The content can become less important when the assignment is written correctly. Remember it is English and not debating!


Where does Queensland Tutors fit into the process? Quite simply we can add an extra draft to a student’s assignment without them doing a thing. For a very affordable fee ($5 a page), we will edit and proofread the work so that when the first draft is handed to the teacher it will actually be the second draft. The other beautiful thing is we don’t even have to meet the student face to face to offer this service. The assignment can be emailed and an edited version sent back within 24 hours using our online tutoring system. Easy!


The simple rules to follow when editing your own work are:

  1. Thoroughly spell check your writing using the Australian version on the computer.
  2. Read the question sheet again, then read your assignment and make sure you have answered it.
  3. Have you followed the right structure? eg. Intro, body, conclusion.
  4. Does the writing make sense? eg. Sentences flow logically.
  5. Is the punctuation correct?
We understand that time is also short for the student and editing your own assignment is not great fun. Why not let a professional handle that for you? Contact us today about our editing services and start the journey to a better quality final assignment.