Tutoring For English Comprehension

Quite simply, comprehension refers to the ability of a student to understand what they are reading. Many students can read a passage of writing without a mistake, but when you ask them to tell you what it was about, they have no idea. Without a doubt, comprehension is the number one area that parents worry about in their children’s English education.

Causes Of Poor Comprehension

English Comprehension Tutoring

There are obvious reasons for poor comprehension. These may include difficulty with reading, information processing issues, eyesight problems, rushing to finish or just general learning needs. All of these are treatable things but not the only reasons why some students fail to fully take in everything they read. Basically, comprehension needs to be taught and many schools don’t do this. Just because a student is a good reader, this does not mean they will also be good with comprehension.


Some excellent programs exist within schools to help teachers facilitate better comprehension in students, but it would be unfair to single out just a few and name them here. Suffice to say they do exist and if your child’s school is not using an organised comprehension program in the junior years, you need to ask why not? Most likely it will be because the staff are not trained in how to deliver it. This is the fault of the system, not the teacher.


At Queensland Tutors, we believe there is no substitute for one-on-one tutoring, incorporating reading aloud, listening, correcting and guiding a student in comprehension skills. Below is an outline of the concepts we cover in helping students improve their comprehension of the written language:

  • Finding the main idea of a piece of writing
  • Be able to restate facts and details and recognising opinions
  • Understanding the order of events
  • Comparing and Contrasting
  • Predicting what will happen next
  • Understanding the meaning of words in different contexts
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Working out the purpose of the author
  • Interpreting difficult language
  • Be able to summarise the writing


Good comprehension is not difficult to achieve but it takes training. Contact Queensland Tutors if your child struggles to understand what they are reading and needs personal, dedicated help to improve this important life skill.