Assignment Preparation

The number one enquiry we receive at Queensland Tutors is from students who have just received an assignment and don’t know where to start. School is a difficult place and at any one time, a student could have an assignment due in every subject. For some reason though, the English assignment always seems the worst, because they are expected to produce slabs of words that make sense.

Assisting Students To Understand Their Assignments

Assignment Assistance

All most students need is a guiding hand to show them the way. We pride ourselves on cutting through the mumbo jumbo that is written on assignment task sheets and breaking it down into language the student can understand. Once the student can see what they are actually being asked to do, we find they realise it is not as hard as first thought.


We encourage students to work with their teacher and not against them. Most students are afraid to approach the teacher and ask for clarification regarding an aspect of an assignment. Mainly that is because they are not confident about what questions to ask. We can give the student the appropriate questions, so they find out all they need to know.


Our involvement with the student’s assignment begins even before a face to face tutoring session. Many of our students ring, text or email us as soon as they get an assignment and we tell them to questions to ask before we meet. Once they have found out all the teacher is prepared to share about the task, we make an appointment.


At that appointment we break the task down for the student so they understand exactly what they must do. By the end of the session the student has a plan about how to tackle the assignment. That plan shows them the structure of the task, what must be included, where to position their ideas and how many words to write for each part.


We then ask the student to write a first draft in their own time and email it to us for online editing. (Queensland Tutors commits to turning around all editing within 24 hours.) The student then hands in the draft to the teacher for their feedback. Sometimes we encourage the student to seek out their teacher for a quick look at the piece before the draft is due, just to make sure they are on the right track.


More often than not, we don’t need to see that student again for that assignment. Due to the fact we have edited the first draft, in effect the teacher reads a second draft and the student receives positive feedback. The student merely takes on board the teacher advice from the draft, writes the final copy and hands in a quality assignment.


Contact us at Queensland Tutors for help on all assignments. The earlier we see the student in the process the better the final result will be.