Tutoring In The Following Subjects

Queensland Tutors offers support with a wide variety of educational services. These include (click through for more information):

Tutoring Style

These services are delivered in two ways:


Face to Face
Face to face is the most effective and simplest method of delivery of our services. It involves dedicated one-on-one tutoring time in the privacy and comfort of your own home. No distractions. No school bells. No pressure.


We find students are more comfortable and organised when tutored in their own home. It also allows parents to supervise the tutoring for their own piece of mind or even become involved if they wish. It is better if the student has a dedicated space in which to conduct the sessions, therefore minimising interruptions. Access to a computer is also useful. A study or desk in a separate room is a good place to achieve this privacy. The kitchen or dinner table is not always best because other family members and pets can distract the student.


Face to face sessions can also be held at mutually agreed locations, such as a library.


Online Tutoring
Due to time constraints, location or finances, some students choose to be tutored online instead of face to face. With modern technology a high quality of service is very achievable.

Online tutoring begins with a phone session where the requirements of the student are discussed. Following that the sessions can take any format appropriate to the task.

Many students combine face to face and online sessions when completing an assignment. An initial session deconstructing the task is completed face to face and then one or two drafts are sent to the tutor for editing and updating before the task is handed in.