Dedicated 1 on 1 English Tutors

Face to face is the most effective and simplest method of delivery of our services. It involves dedicated one-on-one tutoring time in the privacy and comfort of your own home. No distractions. No school bells. No pressure.


Giving Your Child Ultimate Attention

Queensland tutoring We find students are more comfortable and organised when tutored in their own home. It also allows parents to supervise the tutoring for their own piece of mind or even become involved if they wish. It is better if the student has a dedicated space in which to conduct the sessions, therefore minimising interruptions. Access to a computer is also useful. A study or desk in a separate room is a good place to achieve this privacy. The kitchen or dinner table is not always best because other family members and pets can distract the student.


Face to face sessions can also be held at mutually agreed locations, such as a library.


Prices for face to face sessions start from $50 per hour. Pricing for multiple sessions or long term tutoring are available upon request.


We understand that there are people out there who will offer you tutoring for a whole lot less than our prices. We are different though. We are not students who are trying to pay for our education. Neither are we unqualified people who think tutoring is a place for meddling, a place to make some easy money.


From a satisfied client:


I cannot understand why anyone would shop on price, when it comes to their childrens' education


Damian Papworth

Gold Coast Surfboards



At Queensland Tutors, we are education professionals. We are trained, experienced teachers, who have made a life commitment to educating children. Education is not a means to an end for us. It is the sole purpose of our professional lives. We believe the next generation deserves no less.


We trust you also place similar value on you children's education and suggest you look for references and qualifications before you look for price. Too often have we dealt with disillusioned parents who have wasted money on "University Student" style tutoring only to see their students regress rather than improve.